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Into the Woods!

Donʼt walk--RUN to see The Glove Theatreʼs production of the beloved Sondheim
musical “Into the Woods!” With unbelievable talent, an absolutely gorgeous set, lovely
costumes, a mixture of catchy, fun, and touching musical numbers, and your favorite
fairy tale characters (with a twist, of course) this is a show you do not want to miss.
Under the direction of Marc Norton and Bryan Cerny with musical direction by Wendy
Adamkoski-Boltash, the Hand in Glove Players have created a truly magical theatrical
experience for theater-goers of all ages.
“Into the Woods” follows various characters off to get their wish by journeying into the
woods, no matter how scary or dark! The Baker (Marc Andrzejewski) and his Wife
(Devan Rowe) are in search of four objects to use as ingredients to create a potion that
the Witch (Barb Rivera) says is required for them to reverse the curse she cast on them
years prior. Other characters off to get their wishes include Cinderella (Mikaela Holmes),
Jack (Austin Kadle), and Little Red Riding Hood (Annaleigh Lester). All of these
characters (and many more) encounter one another in the woods and either help or
hinder one another.
Although bits of the production are rather dark (itʼs a show based on Grimmʼs fairy tales,
after all!) comic relief comes in the form of Cinderellaʼs Prince (Brian Bochenek) and
Rapunzelʼs Prince (Will Eagan.) The two have great comedic timing and are quite the
pair. Bochenekʼs Prince Charming-esque delivery is nothing short of genius and kept
the audience amused.
Stand-out performers included Cinderella (Mikaela Holmes) and The Baker (Marc
Andrzejewski). Holmesʼ eye-catching stage presence and adorable and kind (yet
incredibly clumsy, goofy, and ditzy-at-times) take on the beloved princess kept the
audience practically hypnotized. Even more, Holmes possesses what can only be
described as the voice of an angel; strong, powerful, beautiful, and meaningful.
Andrzejewskiʼs delivery, comedic timing, and expression were nothing less than
fantastic. He quickly and easily made The Baker, while lesser known, one of the most
beloved characters; quite a feat! In addition to Holmes, Andrzewski also provided one of
the strongest and most stunning voices in the production. The two shared a duet in Act
II (with Lester and Kadle also joining in towards the end) entitled “No One Is Alone,”
that, while a ballad, was truly a show-stopping number. Holmesʼ and Andrzejewskiʼs
warmness, tone quality, perfectly-matched vocals and vibratos, and emotion in their
voices and eyes created a song that was positively touching.
Another perfect pairing was that of The Bakerʼs Wife (Devan Rowe) alongside of
Andrzejewski. Charming, cute, fun, and with some of the best lines in the show, Rowe
was truly a delight.
Barb Riveraʼs Witch was creepy, nasty, funny, and beautiful all at once. To find an
actress who can sing (and rap!) the role as well as play the pre-transformation and posttransformation
parts flawlessly is no easy task. Rivera was quite impressive.
Annaleigh Lesterʼs Little Red and Austin Kadleʼs Jack were quirky, fun, and adorable.
Kevin Bechtel was the perfect Narrator with wonderful delivery, and a perfect speaking
voice and presence for the role. Actors in supporting roles impressed as well; Melissa
Bedell as Jackʼs Mother was quite darling and Nichole Burkusʼ Granny was rather
entertaining. Sam Salidino, Mark Peek, Kelsey Norton, Joseph Michel, Maggie Bechtel,
Caitlin Andrzejewski, and Sonny Duross (the ultimate steward!) rounded out the cast
playing roles of various other fairy tale characters.
The only real negative was a couple sound/mic issues. The Stepsisters, Florinda and
Lucinda, could be bigger, crazier, and funnier as the roles are typically, but they
(Michaela Goodell and Erin Willett) were cute nonetheless and were rather funny during
their blind scenes. The Step Mother (Alyssa Reed) certainly had the presence and look
down, with hair and makeup to match! The venue itself is wonderful, but hopefully soon
The Glove will be able to continue remodeling as they have announced they wish to do.
An installation of new seats and maintenance on the walls will help match the beauty of
the stage, ceiling, and, most impressively, the talent on the stage!
INTO THE WOODS presented by Hand in Glove Players at The Glove Theater March 8,
9, 10, 14, 15, 16

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